Mall Productivity Tips & Tricks

Mall Productivity Tips & Tricks

Make A List

The easiest way to stray from the task at hand is to have no strategy in place, so before you set off on your shopping trip, prepare. Review the wardrobe and identify the outfit requirements before adding them to your List. Make sure they are genuine needs – not frivolous wants (you know the difference between the two). And voila! You now have a plan to stick with.

Set A Budget

We all know how hard it is to be disciplined about not overspending when on a shopping spree. But it’s very important to set yourself a rough estimate of how much you’re willing to invest into this Sale season, in order to best prioritise the things that you need.

Get A Headstart

They say the early bird catches the worm, but what they really mean is that the early shopper catches items in the correct size. Allow yourself enough time once you get there to leisurely make your choices without nervously scrambling through the various sizes with crossed fingers.

Cash, Not Card

Once your list is prepared and you have a realistic budget in mind, withdraw that amount and use only that cash for this shopping trip. Statistics show that consumers spend 30% – 50% more than first estimated when given the luxury of swiping their debit card. Paying with cash is the “real” touch that reconnects you to this shopping experience so you only buy things you genuinely need.

Set A Timeframe

While window-shopping is a fond activity for any true shopper, it’s important to control those urges when answerable to a List and a Budget. Set a specific timeframe within which you must do justice to that list that you prepared. Once this has been achieved in a timely manner, pat yourself on the back and spend any spare time that you have left at that Sale, angrily wishing you ‘genuinely needed’ those shoes.

Off-Season Products

Stores are always looking to clear out off-season articles of clothing to make room for the relevant clothes at the time. If fortunate, you can ensure the best prices for all of your shopping if you purchase it at a time when public demand is low. Just ignore the confused salesboy at the check-out counter as you’re buying jackets in May.

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