Mall Adventures

Mall Adventures

A common misconception is that going to the mall without company could never be enjoyable. It’s time to change that mistaken idea. There would be times when you have a pressing Shopping List but your friends are unable to join you on time, or even at all. Instead of retreating home or changing plans, why not consider a new person to join you on this adventure – Yourself.

Window Shop At Leisure

We all love shopping with friends because they allow for discussion and debate about the right outfit. But few people have experienced the joy of taking their own time to enjoy the available options! Spend time arguing with yourself about whether you really can afford that cute new scarf for rare occasions when you know that you’ve needed new socks for months. (Jogging can wait, just buy the scarf)

Makeover Time

Head over to the makeup counter to treat yourself to a makeover. You don’t need a friend around to look great and now you can have a long, leisurely conversation with the makeup artist about the new looks you’ve been thinking of and the products she recommends for you!

Nobody’s Judging

Take this opportunity to try on clothes that you’d otherwise worry about fitting well or looking good on you. Nobody’s impatiently waiting outside the changing room, you can take your time and try on everything.

At The Movies

Let’s be honest. There are some movies that you’d love to watch without the distraction of inside jokes and whispering best friends so you can pay attention to the plot. Or maybe you would rather not share your jumbo Popcorn, while you sit back and enjoy a relaxing Comedy.

Rest & Relaxation

Most larger malls come equipped with some form of massage facilities. Book yourself into the mini-spa, or for some time on the electronic massage chairs. It’s a wonderful way to unwind and while away the time.

Satisfy Those Food Cravings

Be it snacking on your favourite junk food, or sitting down for a leisurely lavish meal, this is the opportunity for you to call the shots. No need to accommodate anyone else’s preferences while you savour that dessert.

Gain New Perspectives

The most important aspect is to try and broaden your perspective on being ‘alone’. It serves as a great way to recharge, prioritise yourself a bit more and ultimately enjoy yourself. People tend to assume that spending time on your own is something to be ashamed of, but that isn’t the case. As we evolve, we learn that being happy with ourselves is the true objective as it will make you a more rounded individual who other people like to hang out with.