Perfect Feed for All Bookworms

Perfect Feed for All Bookworms

If you are a book lover, you will not find a better place in Bengaluru than Sapna Book House at Elements Mall. You can literally spend an entire day here rummaging through thousands of books from every possible genre you can think of. The books are neatly stacked and sections clearly mentioned for you to have a ‘happy bookworm day’. And what better than to find such a heaven of books in the midst of a mall… eat, shop, enjoy, and read too! Yes, that’s why we have Sapna Book House at Elements Mall.


What also makes the experience worthwhile here is the staff that’s ever ready to help you. And mind you, they know clearly where to pick up which book from, as if a computer works in their brains all the time. Most of them will even remember which author has written which book and where you can find it in the store. We are talking about thousands of books here.


Not just the books, if you have a fetish for stationary, then it’s a party for you at Sapna Book House at Elements Mall. Diaries in all shapes and sizes, in all kinds of paper – natural, handmade, colourful, glossy, matte – you name it, and they have it over here! Need to plan your day? What better way than to pick up an organiser on the way from this place! If you are having trouble keeping your documents together, then there are dozens of options to choose from in files and folders.


If pens are your thing, then you will know that checking them online doesn’t show you the entire picture. You have to feel it, run it on a paper before making that purchase. And where do you find a range of pens to choose from? Right here, at Sapna Book House at Elements Mall. The leaders in the world of pens are on display here.


Want to buy gifts? Then why are you worried? If you walk in here, all your gifting solutions are right in front of you. You really won’t have to go anywhere else to find that perfect gift for that special someone, or for just a friend or colleague. With the range of gifting options available at Sapna, you can be at peace.


There’s a special area dedicated for children, and everything kiddo can be found here. From sketching books, to colours of all sorts, drawing boards, cricket bats, badminton racquets, indoor games, kindergarten books, your child will truly be a happy child right here. And what makes it even better? For the time he is here, he’s not looking endlessly at your phone, your little one is actually living in the real world.


It’s just not that but Sapna has also a wide variety of Gadgets, Games and Accessories. Be it for computer or mobiles you will find all accessories stacked neatly.


Sapna also specializes in toys. From board games to puzzles, from remote cars to kindergarten toys, from travel games to fidget spinners, from family games to children toys you will find all under one roof.


Even after the advance in technology, an ebook can never make up for the physical copy you hold in your hand, an email can never compensate for a handwritten letter, notes on a phone will never reach the mark of notes in a diary, an online gift will never have the personal touch of something bought from a shop, your child will never look as good while sketching in a book than playing with a phone. So welcome to Sapna Book House at Elements Mall.


It’s sometimes unbelievable how a mini book world exists right in the middle of a mall in Bengaluru. Perhaps that’s why it’s called ‘Sapna’ – a dream come true!

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